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Out with the Old and in with a New Hue – Hello 2023!

5th January 2023

Ahhh – the joy of a New Year! Holiday season is well and truly over; the decorations are down, relatives have returned home, and all the festive food has been eaten. Now is the perfect time to reclaim our space. January’s long cold weekends offer the perfect opportunity to hunker down, get creative and start thinking about ways to improve our homes in time for spring and summer.

At Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens we have noticed that the passion for ‘home improvements’ over ‘home moving’ has not abated in Brighton & Hove this year. With interest rates increasing in 2023, we don’t think this is going to change any time soon, so it makes sense to give your home a fresh new look rather than spend out on Stamp Duty and moving costs. Within the home, it is your kitchen and bathroom where change has the greatest impact – whether that is a tweak here and there, or a complete reno overhaul.

While some classic styles will never go out of favour – the white kitchen or marble bathroom for example, there are some new interior trends taking us into 2023 which will add fun, interest and excitement to your home.

Round Kitchen Islands

There is absolutely no need for kitchen islands to be formed of large slabs with uninviting corners and sharp edges. A curved kitchen island evokes the image of family and friends sitting around a dining table together – and there’s nothing better than that. A curve can sit beautifully within a streamlined, contemporary or traditional space and can be combined with straight sections for a bespoke design to suit your needs.

Hidden Pantries

Move over utility room – it is the butler’s hidden pantry which is the dream kitchen addition in 2023. While some may have the space to create an entire room hidden behind clever cabinetry, others can design a beautiful shelved space within the kitchen itself. Ply lined, double door opening kitchen larders can conceal appliances and clutter – or maybe a pop-up party bar space perhaps?

Bold Colour in White Kitchens – and Bathrooms…

Greys, pale tones and naturals will slowly be faded out in 2023 to make way for pops of colour, highlighted walls and warmer, jewelled tones. Using colour to accessorise will brighten any neutral space – be that in your door furniture, taps or splashbacks.
While a full renovation may be out of reach, simply painting your kitchen island base or changing cabinet doors can activate a fresh sense of fun to your home without breaking the bank. Unexpected colour in a bathroom can also really elevate the space while adding warmth to a traditionally sterile room.

Metallic Mirrored Splashbacks

Mixed metallics are a big style trend in both kitchens and bathrooms for 2023 – particularly when paired with a mirrored metallic splashback. Not only do mirrored splashbacks provide a feeling of space while bouncing the natural light around, but the addition of metallic hues brings another layer of warmth to the aesthetic. Choose warm copper or vintage smoky nickel for 2023. Mixing your metals will also give you a visually rich and inviting finish.

Japandi Styling

Japandi style combines the very best elements of Scandinavian and Japanese interior design. While both styles have taken a firm hold in kitchen and bathroom designs over the last few years, it is their magical pairing which will be taking 2023 by storm. Think minimal and calm with organised and natural; think of the cosy and comfortable elements of the Scandi concept of Hygge, entwined with the Japanese notion of Wabi-Sabi – appreciating the beauty in natural imperfection. Using light and dark natural finishes, wooden slat walls, bringing the outside in and keeping fittings minimal and intentional will get you some of the way there – we can help with the rest.

Statement/Customised Pieces & Textures

It’s all about the statement bathroom in 2023. Using customised artworks, feature walls, bespoke hand-painted tiles or modern technologies to create a bathroom set to impress. Clever lighting can contribute to a soothing atmosphere and offer a sculptural element while still supporting the room's functionality, while a variety of textures in both tile and wood finishes bring additional shape, light and shade to the room.

What we can do for you at Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens

The design and fitting teams here at Parkers welcome ALL your ideas and dreams for your perfect home, and we look forward to exceeding our new and existing clients’ requirements and expectations moving forward. Feel free to pop into our Brighton & Hove showrooms at Seven Dials for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss how we can improve the design of your kitchen or bathroom.

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