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Family Open Plan Living

A full property renovation in Lindfield with a kitchen designed for family-living.

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Dramatic Regency Kitchen

A modern update to a beautiful Grade I listed property, the designer carefully juxtaposes old and new in this kitchen space, whilst maximising the potential of space and aesthetics.

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Vintage Oak Minimalism

A clean, minimal and functional scheme was used, tempered with the warmer tones of nature for a sophisticated aesthetic where the quality of craftsmanship shines through.

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Traditional Utility Room

Practical and functional design meets traditional aesthetics in this stylish utility room.

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Sophisticated Metallics & Greys

Good space-planning was at the heart of this design. The designer took an empty shell and zoned the space to ensure kitchen, dining and living areas were well-balanced and clearly defined in this new extension area of the property.

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Rustic Industrial

Combining clean, crisp lines with the raw, natural materials of the building brings a chic yet industrial feel to this kitchen.

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In-Frame Calming Kitchen

A handcrafted space created for relaxing, entertaining and family life.

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Urban Industrial

Inspired by the engineered trend, this richly textured kitchen features concrete effect cabinets in a dark grey and cool-toned palette, brightened by off white Quartz worktops

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In-Frame Elegance

Effortlessly elegant, this in-frame kitchen in cashmere and navy brings sophistication to this stunning open plan space.

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Family Unity

Designed with family in mind, this kitchen is both functional and beautiful with linked living spaces to invite relaxation and entertaining.

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Contemporary Country Kitchen

Taking a classic Shaker style, we elevated it using a modern palette and luxurious materials to bring a timeless appeal to this kitchen.

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Pure White Minimalism

This kitchen represents modern simplicity. Using textures of white instantly brightens the room; giving the illusion of a large, streamlined space.

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Modern Classic in Teal

It is a rare gem as it complements both cool and warm colour schemes and its deep blue-green hue creates instant depth in any space that you use it in.

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Galley Style

Brilliantly designed to maximise functionality while adhering to current kitchen trends, this kitchen marries elements from both modern-country styles and the industrial.

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Tangerine Dream

Bold, block colour creates real impact against cool urban grey in this stylish kitchen and dining room.

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Cool, Calm & Serene

With a wall of glazing framing organic, garden views, the interior design of this kitchen sits in merry contrast using clean, minimalist lines and a neutral palette.

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Pop Colour Kitchen

Visually striking, this ‘pop colour’ kitchen makes a bold statement in modern design, bringing a vibrancy and energy to this individual family space.

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Monochrome Kitchen

Functional, sleek and elegant, this kitchen proves that classy kitchens can still be achieved even if they are in compact, small spaces.

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Bespoke Kitchen Design Projects

It is true that everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen at parties. There is something reassuringly familiar about the kitchen; the scent of home cooked food, the chinking of glasses or the promise of a feast.

At Parkers we understand that kitchens are used for more than just cooking. They are spaces where people share food, laughter and secrets; where the world is set to rights around the kitchen table. Children are raised in them and memories are made.

Whether you are looking for a streamlined, contemporary finish for an open-plan apartment or a bespoke handcrafted kitchen for a country home, we have intelligent and creative designs to suit any size space. We will draw inspiration from you and your home, integrating functionality and current interior design trends with the natural character and features of the building.

Using both British and German kitchen designs, the quality is consistently high. We only use brands and companies we trust to ensure your kitchen will have timeless appeal.

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