Mosaic - Casamood Vetro

The sparkling plays of light and the precious materials of the Vetro collection give surfaces a sophisticated transparency, combining the latest trends in interior design with traditional mosaic work.

At Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens we have incorporated Vetro mosaic tiles to create wonderful bespoke design features in many of the bathrooms in Brighton and Hove that we have designed.

With a harmonious blend of colours and materials, the Vetro collection is suitable for any kind of bath, shower or wet room environment. You can choose from the simple, gentle shades of Vetro Neutra  or the refined atmospheres produced by the crystalline light/dark combinations of Vetro Neutra Melange. For a very elegant result, choose the brilliant hues of Vetro Metalli in stunning Platinum, Gold, Cobalt, Chromium or Iridescent.