Mosaic tile bathroom

As the family bathroom, the design brief called for the room to be light and airy, bright and spacious. Primarily white but with a splash of colour, the room used beautiful Bizazza mosaic tiles in tones of plum, lilac and aubergine to make an impact. This provided a back drop to the sanitary ware concealing the system for the wall hung pan and bidet. The small Bizazza tiles were also used as a splash back below a large lit mirror.

Two new bathrooms were requested for New Church Road- each with a very different look- shown is the family bathroom that needed to be modern and practical. An ensuite was additionally created in the form of a Moroccan themed bathroom and both were designed by Parker Bathrooms & kitchens.

The clients that made the commission are Italian so we selected flamboyant Italian bath ware and complimented this with the highest quality German technology in the form of stainless steel fittings.

The frameless shower enclosure has an interesting feature of a curved back wall that echoes the curves on the bath ware and also provides an additional space and feature in the adjoining bedroom.

The elegantly shaped wash basin was fitted on the oversized and hand built vanity unit creating ample storage for towels and accessories. This keeps the bathroom looking clean and minimalist eliminating the clutter that a busy family can create.

We worked with Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens to design our family bathroom and our ensuite shower room. Their knowledge and expertise helped enormously in coming up with the right ideas and then turn them into reality by guiding us to find the right products that would match our budget.

We spent a long time looking at various options, drawing, looking through catalogues and checking prices, and they even had to put up with our crying new born baby! We borrowed endless samples of tiles and were never rushed to return them.

The delivery of the products was fast and when we needed something to be stored for us for a later date it was no problem at all. When something went wrong with an item we purchased, we were quickly sent a new one and it was replaced with no trouble, and even when we changed our minds about the size of a basin, we were able to change it for a new one without any issue. In the end we couldn't be happier with the final result. We have been very pleased with the whole experience and highly recommend Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Owner, New Church Road.