Three Bathrooms: Q&A with Interior Designer Rachel Mckeague-Pittman

7th June 2018

Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens have recently completed creating three bathrooms for our client and Interior Designer Rachel Mckeague-Pittman. We caught up with Rachel following the finished project, to get her thoughts, feedback and some take-away top tips when thinking about a new bathroom.

Q1. What initiated you making the decision to re-design three bathrooms, and why did you choose to work with Parker Bathrooms?

The bathrooms were getting tired and lacked practical storage solutions. plus by reconfiguring the laundry room and family bathroom, I was able to effectively gain an extra bathroom. As an interior designer who has used Parker Bathrooms on numerous occasions, Jack and his team were my natural choice when it came to my own project.

Q2. As an interior design, how do you feel Parker Bathrooms were able to bring your ideas to life and how did you find the process?

The reason I use Parkers for both my clients and myself is simple….they really know what they are doing. When I approach Jack with all of my design plans and ideas, he is incredibly proficient at knowing exactly what I need, offering me perfect product solutions that match my required style and budget, and working with him makes my job so much easier.  His knowledge is second to none: he is thorough and honest and a pleasure to communicate with. In addition to Jack, he is surrounded by an equally professional and talented team whose attention to detail and flexible approach is exactly what a designer hopes for. The finish is exceptional. 

Q3. If you could highlight a few of your favourite features across the three bathrooms, what would they be and why?

The three bathroom spaces we have created are now so much more practical, spacious and stylish.  It is difficult to pin point any particular areas that I love as I have a vision and style concept that covers all three in conjunction with the rest of the house, and it is that continuity that pleases me as a designer the most. It is possibly the style and design that stands out the most to all of our guests but without an incredibly solid product base and immaculate fitting, the bathrooms could be a disaster.. nobody wants a leaky anything no matter how fancy it looks!!!

Q4. How have these new spaces transformed your home, and what do your family think?

We now have a real wow factor in the house. The previous Laundry room downstairs was also the guest loo, so not the most inviting place to present to your visitors. Now, however, people come out literally raving about it….much better!!!

Q5. What recommendations or top-tips would you share for someone starting a project like this?

The most important things to consider when embarking on a project like this is always your practical needs first and foremost. If you plan a place for everything then you have your function sorted. After that you can get onto the fun part of the overall style and design, making sure you work within your budget.  However, most importantly, ensure you have a reliable team to work with.

'Parker Bathrooms skill and eye for detail were exceptional .. I wouldn't hesitate in using them again..just got to convince my husband to do the kitchen now! Thanks guys for all your hard work.'

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